Planform Publications


T. L. McCluskey and N. E. Richardson 2001
The Induction of Operator Descriptions From Examples and Structural Domain Knowledge.

R. M. Simpson, T. L. McCluskey, W. Zhao, R. S. Aylett and C. Doniat 2001
An Integrated Graphical Tool to support Knowledge Engineering in AI Planning.
To appear in the 2001 European Conference on Planning, Toledo, Spain.

C. Doniat and R. S. Aylett 2001
PLANFORM-KA tool: Towards a Methodology of Knowledge Acquisition in AI Planning

M Fox and D Long 2001
Hybrid STAN: Identifying and Managing Combinatorial Optimisation Sub-problems in Planning

D Long and M Fox 2001
Multi-Processor Scheduling Problems in Planning


R.M.Simpson, T. L. McCluskey, D.Liu and D.E.Kitchin,
Knowledge Representation in Planning:A PDDL to OCLh Translation
Procceedings ISMIS 2000, Charlotte, North Carolina.

T. L. McCluskey,
Object Transition Sequences: A New Form of Abstraction for HTN Planners
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on AI Planning and Scheduling (AIPS-2000), AAAI Press, Breckenridge, Colarado, 2000.

R.M.Simpson, T. L. McCluskey and D.Liu,
OCLGraph : Exploiting Object Structure in a Plan Graph Algorithm
Procceedings ECAI 2000 Workshop on New Results in Planning, Berlin, Germany.

D.E.Kitchin, T. L. McCluskey and R.M.Simpson
Foundations of an Object-centred Approach to Knowledge Engineering for AI Planning Applications,
Procceedings KBCS 2000, Bombay, India, Dec 2000.

D.Long and M. Fox 2000
Extracting route-planning: First steps in automatic problem decomposition
Workshop on Analysing and Exploiting Domain Knowledge, AIPS 2000, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA

M. Fox and D. Long 2000
Hybrid STAN: Identifying and Managing Combinatorial Sub-problems in Planning
UK Planning and Scheduling SIG Workshop, December 2000

D. Long, M. Fox, L. Sebastia and A. Coddington 2000
An Examination of Resources in Planning
UK Planning and Scheduling SIG Workshop, December 2000


D. Liu and T. L. McCluskey,
The Object Centred Language Manual - OCLh - Version 1.2
Technical report, School of Computing and Mathematics, University of Huddersfield, 1999.